New in Collection Les Perles
New in Collection Les Perles

Wrap us in pearls for all of fall…Get your chic on with the gem that will elevate any look! Collection Les Perles features standout statement jewelry with unique pearl variations.

Bring the edgy as you contrast cargo pants and combat boots with chunky pearl rings, drop earrings, and chic, dainty pendants. For a rock’n’roll vibe, add a red lip, and you’re date-night ready.

 For this Collection we worked on a range of cool, sophisticated and eco-friendly accessories in a grey and black tribal-inspired pattern with “APM Monaco” embroidered in bright forest green.

Discover baby tote bags and XL versions that will take you from AM to PM. Chic, chic, chic.

Yvonne Ching
Yvonne Ching

With her growing Instagram following of 60K, Yvonne Ching (@yvesching) is a Chinese KOL to look out for in the fashion industry. She is known for her partnerships with luxury fashion houses; She was a Louis Vuitton Summer 2020 brand ambassador, and has done notable campaigns for Gucci, Prada, and Bottega Veneta among others.

She has also amassed more than 7 million fans on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.In 2019, Yvonne founded her own cosmetics brand of makeup and beauty tools, Heir Cosmetics. The company is a product of passion and collaboration with top researchers in the field across the globe.

Yvonne Ching wearing APM Monaco jewelry

You’ve done incredible collaborations with APM Monaco- what are the qualities of the brand that attracted you the most?

It is chic, simple, elegant, and fashionable jewelry that can be worn in a versatile way. The designs always reflect amazing attention to detail which is something I look for in jewelry.

How does it feel to be the newest global campaign face for APM Monaco?

It's a wonderful feeling, I feel so blessed. I love APM and have recommended it on my social media platforms, but I didn't expect to be the global campaign face! It's an amazing feeling that APM and I both chose each other.

What was the most impressive moment for you on your shoot with APM at the Great Wall? Do you have any episodes to share?

It was my first time on the Great Wall. Climbing the Wall on a seemingly treacherous mountain path just as the sun was rising was amazing. My makeup artist climbed up and down the mountain being very cautious, which made the whole experience very funny. The entire team was professional and dedicated, we would often joke around during the shooting which brought us closer.

Besides the Great Wall, what other unique feature from Chinese culture and charm can you share with the world?

China really has a unique culture. Our ancient architecture, like the Forbidden City and Summer Palace in Beijing, the houses on stilts in Guizhou, etc. We have many minorities, and each ethnic group actually has a specific dress & type of jewelry that they wear.

How do you feel about this campaign that

I think we achieved something inspiring and beautiful. It feels like when two powerful things come together, we can create magic!

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