Shop Collection Fun Crazy Love…Enter the personalization dimension with our DIY locks and edgy Mariner chain necklaces! XXL, pavé layers for a chic and unique look every day.

alexandra pereira wearing apm monaco LOVE Embellished Lock Necklace - White Silver
alexandra pereira wearing apm monaco Alphabet Lock Necklace - White Silver

There are no boundaries or rules with Collection Éclat...chunky, asymmetrical, statement fashion jewelry wearable on a day to day basis…The bigger the better! Sophisticated meets casual... Collection Éclat is grown-up jewelry for the laid back girl, designs to pair with your low-key looks. Cool, intricate accessories to leave you with a summer glow until further notice… You can take asymmetry a step further by wearing a statement earring solo. When earrings are this edgy, you only need one.